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Our Mission

To Build our Region’s Vibrance & Economic Strength from Within.

We believe in the collective impact of
North Central Illinois.

Our Vision

Enable Regional Growth in Starved Rock Country

Our Values

Collective Impact

We are committed to a focused, regional commitment of
sharing information, opportunities, and resources to enable businesses
to open, grow, adapt, and thrive.



We are committed to the pursuit, success, and enjoyment
of "The Great Life" within our small active communities,
beautiful surroundings, and easy access to Chicago.



We are committed to growing our community wealth
and outstanding livability by enabling entrepreneurship

and small business growth.



We are committed to the development of advanced, industry-specific
training to capitalize on our workforce innovation and development


Environment for Growth

We are committed to the value of our historical yield of outstanding manufacturing, natural resources, science, creative arts, and a scenic tourism industry known worldwide.


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