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  • Amy Lambert, Executive Director

Pampering Vehicles Inside and Out

Javier Sanchez sees his future in being a successful business owner in Streator, IL. His new company, Javi’s Detail and Tint LLC pampers vehicles inside and out. “It’s like a spa treatment… for cars.” Javi says. Customers love his service because when they see the finished product, they can’t believe it's their car. “It blows their minds.” Javi adds.

Javi helps his clients give vehicles a sense of style by offering window tinting services. In addition to keeping the vehicle cool, Javi shared that “the sun’s UV rays can really damage a vehicle. After a few years, upholstery and dashboards can become discolored and cracked, lowering the value of the vehicle. Tinting helps protect your vehicles investment.” “I get great satisfaction from seeing the responses of our clients. Seeing the difference in a vehicle arriving for detail services and the transformation at each step, I get excited that each becomes a shining jewel.” Javi shared “I get to bring the beauty in these vehicles back and make them look really, really amazing.” Javi’s customers agree. They are such raving fans that he is seeing many returning customers bringing other vehicles or introducing new clients to his business. One of his favorite clients even comes in regularly to grab handfuls of business cards to hand out to her friends. Javi feels that the community is really behind him. “I love my hometown of Streator. Investing in my this, my first business, ultimately invests in Streator. I want to make a difference as a business owner.” “I knew I wanted to open a new this business, but I had no sense of direction. The SBDC made everything possible. They knew exactly what I needed to do, helped me to establish my business structure, find the professional resources I needed, and understand how to market to clients. “I knew how to do the work and make the clients happy, the SBDC knew what I needed to do to start strong.”

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